Miriel's Enchanted Mystery

Miriel returns in an exciting sequel. Find out what's the story behind the mysterious egg artifact and journey through four unique locations.

Create bread, potions, cakes, colored cloth, and a lot of other of exciting products. Use powerful spells to aid your tasks and buy more products and skills from the shop. Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is ripe with entertaining choices


Engaging and addicting gameplay.

"In the end Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is probably one of the few time management games that are actually worth replaying. Colorful and beautifully drawn graphics, engaging gameplay and a really exciting storyline make the game a magical delight itself, and to be able to keep playing and discover new recipes after the campaign is definitely motivating any player to exceed old sales records."

A polished, tasty little tale

"If you're a fan of time management, you'll likely enjoy Miriel's Enchanted Mystery. It's not a revolutionary title, but it's a high-quality one that will satisfy fans and is light-hearted enough that kids can enjoy it, too."

Ultra Recommended

"If you really, really get into your games, like I do, there's no better way to cap off a day spent playing in front of the computer than by cooking up the same foods in your own kitchen that you were just minutes before clicking like mad upon."
Casual Explosion