Help the town of Profitville with your packing skills! Profitville is a game for the whole family. It draws inspiration from the classic "shape sorter"-toys.

Profitville introduces an original gaming concept where the main goal is to pack dozens of different products into corresponding boxes. This has to be done before the items roll off from the conveyor belts. The player also takes advantage of several other actions like linking boxes and making combos. There are also several helpful machines, power-ups, and numerous other twists in this truly one-of-a-kind game.

Profitville has two game modes that provide hours of action packed fun. The player can see the town improve as he returns the prosperity back to Profitville! Will you save Profitville?


Profitville review

"Good game of micromanagement. Power-ups a clever addition. Introduces new stores with new products. Can earn awards and helper landmarks."